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Bpd ultrasound dating

Needle placement was confirmed with passive flow of clear CSF.fluoro-guidance, a 22G needle was directed into [hip/shoulder] joint.

FINDINGS: patient is status post [enucleation] [curettage] [cementing with polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)] of prior [osseous tumor] within [location].

[Multiple] samples were obtained and adequacy of samples was confirmed by pathologist during the procedure.

lower extremity was performed from the common femoral vein through popliteal vein at the confluence of the deep veins of the calf, with and without compression.

Appropriate osseous union without residual fracture lucency.

Fracture margins are ill-defined suggesting resorption or hyperemia associated with early inflammatory/reparative process.

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Appendicitis=Real time limited ultrasound survey of right lower quadrant in region of patient’s pain [fails to detect the appendix] [shows a dilated non-compressible blind-ending tubular structure with hyperemia consistent with inflamed appendix].

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